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Tokyo-Brussels Partnership

Security, Development and Knowledge-based Society


Takako Ueta and Éric Remacle

The intensification of bilateral relations between the European Union and Japan has been remarkable seventeen years after they adopted the Joint Declaration in 1991. This volume, which is the result of a unique long-term research project carried out by European and Japanese universities, offers a wide range of topical and comparative studies regarding Japan-EU relations and cooperation within the context of global governance. It focuses mainly on two dimensions: on the one hand, the impact of global economic transformations and knowledge society on both actors and their interaction; and on the other hand, the universal and regional security and development challenges.
Contents: Christian Franck: Foreword – Éric Remacle/Takako Ueta: Preface – Takekazu Kawamura: Opening Address on the «Lisbon Agenda and Japan» at the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) International Conference – Kálmán Dezséri: The Knowledge-based Society, the New World Economy. Implications for Japan and Europe – Shinichi Emile Oka: EU Social Model Viewed from Japan. Proposal for Japan-EU Social Security Agreement – Azèle Mathieu/Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie: R&D Intensity. An Insight into the Japanese Success and the Lisbon Failure – Eiji Ogawa: AMU Deviation Indicator for Coordinated Exchange Rate Policies in East Asia – Pierre Defraigne: The Doha Development Agenda, a Cheap Round, Really? – Ryo Oshiba: Japan and the United Nations – Richard Higgott: Regionalisation, Regionalism and Institutionalism. The Prospects and Limits of Institutionalisation in East Asia – Frederik Ponjaert: Institutionalisation in East Asia after the 1997 Crisis – Sukeyuki Ichimasa: Japan’s Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Policy. Multilateral Approaches, Regional Efforts and Region-to-Region Cooperation – Oliver Meier: The European Union’s Policy on Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction – Éric Remacle: Human Security. A Platform for a Common Japan-EU Agenda? – Tsutomu Kikuchi: East Asia in Search for a Region. Redefining Japan’s Engagement – Takekazu Kawamura: Epilogue. The EU and Japan as Strategic Partners.