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Sound as Sense

Contemporary US Poetry &/in Music


Michel Delville and Christine Pagnoulle

It has often been claimed that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. The general distrust of methods that combine or aggregate knowledge from different research fields, and therefore tend to elide or smooth out some of their particularities, may account for the paucity of critical writing dealing not only with the role of voice and song in poetry but also with the history of the interdependencies of verbal, textual and musical materials in the broader context of contemporary American literature.
The purpose of this book is to develop an informed and imaginative understanding of the interrelationships between poetry and music in a way that reflects the diversity and richness of contemporary artistic practice in the US since the beginning of the 20 th century. Related topics such as theories of representation, the aesthetics of rhythm, the material production of literature and music, the links between poetry, politics and popular culture, the making of music from literary texts, or literature from musical models, all provide the focus for a study that deals with the theoretical and practical interrelationships between poetry and music.
Contents: Michel Delville/Christine Pagnoulle: Introduction – Richard Quinn: Black Power, Black Arts, and the Ethic of the Ensemble – Corinne Andersen: «I Dance Wildly inside Myself»: Music as Metaphor for Transculturation in Zora Neale Hurston’s Autoethnographic Oeuvre – Samantha Pinto: Feminist Subjectivity and the Everyday Blues: The Casual Erotics of Harryette Mullen – Christophe Den Tandt: Staccato, Swivel and Glide: A Poetics of Early Rock ‘n’ Roll Lyrics – Alex Cszisar: Reading Coolidge Speaking while not Speaking – Nick Selby: Embodied Music: Robert Creeley, Hilda Morley and a Sense of Measure – Tim Woods: «Art tracking music»: Louis Zukofsky’s Po/Ethics of Music – Antoine Cazé: «Pas de Deux»: Dusapin Sings/Stein to Be Sung – Stephen Cain: The Poetics of R. Murray Schafer – Erik Ulman: Olson and Musical Composition.