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Literary Environments

Canada and the Old World


Britta Olinder

This book contains contributions from the Stockholm triennial conference of the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies and presents Joy Kogawa’s compelling plea for peace and a sheaf of poems by Heather Spears along with twenty essays using a variety of approaches in dealing with a wide range of Canadian writers. The origins and circumstances of travel books and of diaries written by pioneering women are explored as are the functions of sports and science fiction. Among the offerings are also investigations of the Canadian landscape and its metaphors in a large selection of drama, poetry and prose. The concluding piece discusses the reception of English-Canadian literature in Sweden.
Contents: Britta Olinder: Introduction – Joy Kogawa: Three Deities – Ruta Slapkauskaite: Exploring Intertextuality. Fairy Tale Motifs in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan – Richard Davis: The Travel Book’s Itinerary. The Case of Sir John Franklin – Jane Mattisson: Finding a Place. Female Space in the Evolving Pioneer World in Canada, 1828 to 1846 – Valerie Legge: «Why Go Abroad?» Agnes Laut in Wonderland – Gudrun Björk Gudsteins: The Cutting-Edge Cuts Both Ways. The Case of Freeman B. Anderson – Birgitta Brown: Old and New Environments. Anglophone Representations of Acadie – Elisabeth Mårald: Contemporary Canadian Historiographic Metafiction Meets History – Allan Weiss: Destiny and Identity in Canadian Urban Fantasy – Björn Sundmark: Hockey Fictions – Albert-Reiner Glaap: Contemporary English-Canadian Plays as Mirrors of a Shifting Understanding of Identity – Heather Spears: Six Poems from Poems Selected and New – Ene-Reet Soovik: The Country of Those Animals. Signification in Margaret Atwood’s Poetic Environment – Gurli Woods: Silenced Roots and Postcolonial Reality. Marlene Nourbese Philip’s She Tries Her Tongue: Her Silence Softly Breaks – Janne Korkka: Old Environments? Western Canada Seen by Its Writers – Malin E. Sigvardson: Non-Extensional Movement in Rudy Wiebe’s The Blue Mountains of China – Heidi von Born: No Name - No Man’s Land or Finding the Way to Kanada/Canada. Gwendolyn MacEwen’s Inner Landscape – Stephen Scobie: The Magic of the Corner. Mavis Gallant on the Streets of Paris, May ’68 – Britta Olinder: Old and New Environments in Janice Kulyk Keefer’s The Green Library – Anna Branach-Kallas: Old Environment or New Environment? Place and Self in Jane Urquhart’s Changing Heaven – Margrét Gunnarsdóttir Champion: The Consolations of Tradition in Alistair MacLeod’s No Great Mischief – Katarina Leandoer: Canada Goes Global. The Swedish Canon of English-Canadian Literature.