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European Non-Proliferation Policy- 1988-1992



Harald Müller

A Survey of European policy of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons between 1988 and 1992, a period of great interest. During those years, an earthquake has shattered the political landscape in Europe. Politicians, citizens and researchers still struggle with adapting to the new reality.
Nevertheless, it is not self-explaining that the grand political reversals should have necessarily affected this policy field. The chapters give an insight into this period of rapid - if not revolutionary - change that did not leave non-proliferation policies untouched.
This volume is the product of a team, a group of committed researchers for whom borders are no inhibition to working together for a common purpose. In this sense, it is truly European.
Contents: Harald Müller: Western Europe and Nuclear Non-Proliferation, 1987-1992: A Summary - Harald Müller: European Nuclear Elites and Proliferation: A Comparative Survey - Julien Goens/Alain Michel: The European Community - David Fischer: Multilateral Nuclear Diplomacy: The IAEA and Other International Bodies - Philippe Richard: France - John Simpson: Great Britain - Alexander Kelle: Germany - Alessandro Politi: Italy - Vicente Garrido Rebolledo: Spain - Pierre Verbeek: Belgium - Thanos Dokos: Greece - Richard Sinnott: Ireland - János Jelen: Hungary - Janusz Prystrom: Poland.