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Performing Aotearoa

New Zealand Theatre and Drama in an Age of Transition


Marc Maufort and David O'Donell

Over the last three decades of the twentieth century, theatre and drama in Aotearoa/New Zealand have experienced remarkable growth. This groundbreaking anthology of essays and interviews attempts to document the diversity of these multiple dramatic voices and performative dimensions, as they reflect the evolving New Zealand identity in an age of transition moving towards twenty-first century globalization. This comprehensive volume comprises a wide range of chapters focusing on key figures in the development of New Zealand theatre and drama, such as, among others, Robert Lord, Ken Duncum, Gary Henderson, Stephen Sinclair, Hone Kouka, Briar-Grace Smith, Jacob Rajan, Lynda Chanwai-Earle, Nathaniel Lees, and Victor Rodger.
It is hoped that this volume will shed light on a hitherto neglected field of the canon of English-language drama. By extension, the issues discussed in this anthology will provide new vistas from which to study the postcolonial condition in the wider context of the contemporary Commonwealth.
Contents: Marc Maufort: Performing Aotearoa in an Age of Transition – David O’Donnell: «Whaddarya?» Questioning National Identity in New Zealand Drama – Christopher Balme: Staging Pan-Polynesian Identity at the New Zealand International Exhibition, Christchurch 1906-07 – Murray Edmond: Re-membering the Remembering Body: «Autonomous Theatre» in New Zealand – Bronwyn Tweddle: Where Grotowski Meets Lecoq. «Flow» in Training at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School – Susan Williams: Advocating Interaction with «the Other»: Robert Lord’s Use of the Food Metaphor – William Peterson: Writing into the Land: Dramatic Monologues in the Expanding Landscape of Aotearoa/New Zealand – Marc Maufort: Painful Homecomings: Family Fractures in Contemporary Pākehā Dramaturgies – Telling Pākehā stories. Lisa Warrington Interviews Gary Henderson – «Theatre is the lightning rod». David O’Donnell Interviews Ken Duncum – Stuart Young: Masque(e)rades of Masculinity: Cross-Dressing Women on the New Zealand Stage – Completing the Circle. David O'Donnell Interviews Jean Betts – Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal: Ōrotokare. Towards a New Model for Indigenous Theatre and Performing Arts – «Let me feel the magic». Hilary Halba Interviews Rangimoana Taylor – David Carnegie/David O’Donnell: Māori Dramaturgy: The Case of Nga Tangata Toa – Hone Kouka: Re-Colonising the Natives: The State of Contemporary Māori Theatre – Marc Maufort: Recapturing Māori Spirituality: Briar Grace-Smith’s Magic Realist Stage Aesthetic – Calming the Oceans. David O’Donnell Interviews Briar Grace-Smith – Sharon Mazer: Atamira Dance Collective: Dancing in the Footsteps of the Ancestors – Peter Falkenberg: Theatre of Unease – David O’Donnell: Re-claiming the «Fob»: The Immigrant Family in Samoan Drama – «Everything is family». David O’Donnell Interviews Nathaniel Lees – Lisa Warrington: A Place to Tell Our Stories: Asian Voices in the Theatre of Aotearoa – «Truth is always stranger than fiction». David O’Donnell Interviews Lynda Chanwai-Earle – «We want to create work that’s beautiful, funny, sad and true». Lisa Warrington Interviews Jacob Rajan – John Davies: The Audience Are Stones – William Farrimond: Mask, Moko and Memory: Identity through Solo Performance in a Post-colonial World – Trisha Dunleavy: Narratives of Identity: TV Drama Production in New Zealand.