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Perspectives on Ottawa’s High-tech Sector


Nick Novakowski and Rémy Tremblay

Canada’s capital – Ottawa – is earning a reputation as a global technology centre that offers a dynamic mix of economic, cultural, educational and recreational opportunities. It is an advanced technology centre, particularly known for its research and development in the fields of telecommunications, technology services, software development, defence and security, microelectronics/wireless and photonics. Readers can see innovation and the elements of the New Economy revealed by the different authors detailing different accounts and analyses of the Ottawa area.
The book is organised into four themes: 1. Ottawa: A Knowledge City?, 2. Planning the Cluster: By Decision, By Design or By Destiny?, 3. ‘Growing’ the Cluster: Idea Farming and Innovation Strategies for Economic Development, and 4. The Unique Ottawa Cluster: Regional, Bilingual and Cosmopolitan.
Contents: Nick Novakowski/Rémy Tremblay: Preface – Nick Novakowski: Perspectives on Ottawa’s High-tech Sector. Ottawa in the Age of the New Economy – Nick Novakowski/Rémy Tremblay: Ottawa - Canada’s Capital. The Emergent Knowledge City – Rémy Tremblay: Ottawa - North American Technopole. Fact or Fiction? – Barry Wellar/Nick Novakowski: Local Governments’ Record of Assessing the Impacts of the High-tech Industry on Ottawa’s Land Use-Transportation Relationship. 1970s-2005 – David Gordon/Betsy Donald/John Kozuskanich: Unanticipated Benefits. The Role of Planning in the Development of the Ottawa Region Technology Industries – Edward T. Jackson/Rahil Khan: Steering on Black Ice. The Continuing Search for Sustainable Livelihoods in the Ottawa Tech Sector – David Large: The Renaissance of Ottawa’s ICT Community Through Joint Initiatives – Christopher Wilson: Total Creative Revolution. Innovation and Governance at KAO Infosystems Canada – Desmond Beckstead/W. Mark Brown: Comparing Science and Engineering Employment in Canadian and US Cities – Joseph Leibovitz: Reflexive Governance and City-Region Economic Change. Between Reflexivity and State Selectivity in the Governance of Ottawa’s Economic Transition – Guy Chiasson: A Cross-Border High-tech Cluster. A View From Gatineau – Amelia Brown: Immigrants in Ottawa’s Information Technology Sector. A Profile.