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The Third Pillar of the European Union

Cooperation in the fields of justice and home affairs- Proceedings of an International Conference organized by the College of Europe, Bruges, the Institut für Europäische Politik, Bonn, and the European University Institute, Florence


Joerg Monar and Roger Morgan

The «Third Pillar» of the Maastricht Treaty on European Union covers major new policy fields of the Union such as immigration and asylum policy, police cooperation and the combat against tax evasion. The book analyses the essential elements of the present intergovernmental cooperation in this framework and highlights the political, legal and institutional problems of the implementation of Title VI (justice and home affairs) of the Maastricht Treaty.
Contents: Pádraig Flynn: Foreword - Roger Morgan: The Third Pillar: An Introduction - Peter-Christian Müller-Graff: The Legal Bases of the Third Pillar and its Position in the Framework of the Union Treaty - Roland Bieber: Links Between the «Third Pillar» (Title VI) and the European Community (Title II) of the Treaty on European Union - Patrick Twomey: Title VI of the Union Treaty: «Matters of Common Interest» as a Question of Human Rights - Joerg Monar: The Evolving Role of the Union Institutions in the Framework of the Third Pillar - Francis Snyder: Institutional Development in the European Union: Some Implications of the Third Pillar - Wenceslas De Lobkowicz: Intergovernmental Cooperation in the Field of Migration - From the Single European Act to Maastricht - Klaus-Peter Nanz: The Harmonization of Asylum and Immigration Legislation Within the Third Pillar of the Union Treaty - A Stocktaking - David O'Keeffe: The New Draft External Frontiers Convention and the Draft Visa Regulation - Julian J.E. Schutte: Judicial Cooperation Under the Union Treaty - A.H.J. Swart: Cooperation in the Field of Criminal Law: Some Comments - Johannes Peek: International Police Cooperation Within Justified Political and Juridical Frameworks: Five Theses on TREVI - Federico Boschi Orlandini: Europol and the Europol Drugs Unit: A Cooperation Structure in the Making - Patrick Ravillard: Customs Cooperation in the Context of Title VI of the Treaty on European Union - Wolfgang Wessels: The Third Pillar: Plea for a Single Theoretical Research Agenda.