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Culture: Building Stone for Europe 2002

Reflections and Perspectives- Proceedings of an International Conference organized by the College of Europe, Bruges


Léonce Bekemans

Maintaining the cultural and regional diversity of Europe confronted with the tendencies for increased globalization, economic and political integration: the book presents a wide multidisciplinary survey of ideas and perspectives from scientific approaches as well as European and regional authorities, considering juridical, economic and cultural reality. A general framework for concrete action programmes of cultural interaction at different levels.
A part of the project «Europe of the cultures», initiated by the Flemish Government.
Contents: Gabriel Fragnière: Foreword - Léonce Bekemans: Introduction - Jacques Lenoble: Political and philosophical reflections on cultural models of society - Robert Picht: Disturbed identities: social and cultural mutations in contemporary Europe - Christopher Harvie: The culture of the region - Louis Baeck: The cultural impact on the economy and on management - Gilbert Lenssen: Culture, economics and management - Robert Senelle: The new cultural policy of the European Union - I.B.F. Kormoss: Cartographic illustrations of the Europe of the languages - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Carlos Costa: Culture as a driving force for Europe 2002 - Marc Galle: The European Parliament and the role of culture in Europe - Mircea Malitza: Reflections on the cultural dimension of the East European society - Conlin Wagner: ISMS need not apply; one voice from one American on cultural diversity - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Léonce Bekemans/Claudia Van der Eide: Culture and economy: an introductory note - Frank Moulaert/Jean-Cédric Delvainquiere: Regional and sub-regional development in Europe: the role of socio-cultural trajectories - Gregory J. Ashworth: Consequences of the commodification of culture - Joseph Soeters: Management and cultural diversity in Europe - Léonce Bekemans/Claudia Van der Eide: Comments - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Culture and institutions: an introductory note - Kurt Schelter: The importance of culture for the European Union - Jef Van Ginderachter: The importance of the regional cultural dimension for the European Federal Structure - Alexis Pauly/Imelda Higgins: The role of the Court of Justice in cultural and educational matters - John Loughlin: Nation, state and region in Western Europe - Ulrich Pfaff: Institutional reflections from the perspective of the German Länder - José Eduardo Castell: The relation between culture and institutions from a regional perspective - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Léonce Bekemanns/Ruben Lombaert: Culture and identities: an introductory note - Hatto Fischer: Some general reflections on culture - Jan Kerkhofs: Changing values and identities - Hugo Dyserinck: The comprative study of literature and the problem of national and cultural identity. An imagological vision - Maarten Mourik: The importance of cultural diversity for small cultural linguistic regions in Europe - Rudolf Rezsohazy: Identity and political culture in Central and Eastern Europe - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Luc Van den Brande: Declaration of Bruges. Cultural diversity: the economic democratic, and cultural foundation of Europe 2002 - Léonce Bekemans: Conclusion.