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Towards a European Immigration Policy

Current Situations - Perspectives- European Conference organized by: "Association of Former Students of the College of Europe</I>, Bruges, "Hellanion</I>, Greece, "Lawyers of Pireus</I>, Greece- Kalamos, Greece, 25 August 1993


Gina D. Korella and Patrick M. Twomey

Leading academics, politicians and practitioners from Community Institutions, Intergovernmental fora and Member States, debate on the ever-increasing cooperation in the area of immigration in Europe.
What is the current situation, how do the new agreements affect Community Nationals, what initiatives have been taken at different levels, what are the factors to be taken into account in order to build a coherent European immigration policy?
This book brings together a collection of perspectives of specialists in the fields of immigration and asylum. Expressed in a style that is both authoritative and accessible, it will hopefully be a significant contribution to an ongoing debate.
Contents: Gabriel Fragnière: Foreword - Gina D. Korella: Introduction - David O'Keeffe: Reflections on a European Immigration Policy - Paulino Pereira: The Draft Convention on External Borders and Asylum Policy on the Level of the Twelve Member States - Cornelius De Jong: Towards a European Immigration Policy under the Treaty on European Union - Luise Drüke: Harmonization of Asylum Policies: New Impetus in the European Union - Frits W. Hondius: Civil Status Fraud - Janina Wiktoria Dacyl: A Protection System for non-Convention Refugees in Europe - Joerg Monar: The European Parliament and Immigration Policy: its Positions and Possibilities of Control - Henri Etienne: The Commission of the European Community and Immigration - C.N. Kakouris: The Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities on Immigration - Panayotis Lambrias: Views of a Member of the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs - Marie-Ange Gaiffe/Frédérique Berrod: The French Policy on Immigration - Manos Papaioannou: The Granting of Refugee Status in the Greek Legal Order - Tim Murphy: Immigration Law in the Republic of Ireland - Alberto Cammarata/Mario Todino: The Italian Experience of Immigration Policy: Making up for the Emergency - Pierre Garrone: Swiss Asylum Policy faced with the Schengen and Dublin Conventions - Patrick M. Twomey: Conclusion.