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Future European Environmental Policy and Subsidiarity

Proceedings of an International Conference organized by the European Society for Environment and Development (ESED)


Mark Dubrulle

The Maastricht Treaty states that, on the basis of the subsidiarity principle, «the Community should not do what Member States can do». But how will it be applied to environmental matters? Will all EU legislation have to be deregulated? Can it be envisaged that only recommendations or guidelines will be issued? Will, in the end, the quality of the environment overall really benefit from this situation?
Contents: Mark Dubrulle: Subsidiarity is not a mere Academic Issue - Onno W. Brouwer: Subsidiarity as a General Legal Principle - Tom Garvey: The Destiny of selected Environmental Legislation - Nigel Haigh: The Environment as a Test Case for Subsidiarity - Paul E. De Jongh: Dutch Environmental Policy: Subsidiarity as a Challenge - Santiago Vilanova i Tane: The Effect of Subsidiarity on Spanish Environmental Policy.