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Nuclear Export Controls in Europe


Harald Müller

PRIF started its programme on a European Non-Proliferation Policy in 1986. This is the fifth book published, the last one being «European Non-Proliferation Policy, 1988-1992» (European Interuniversity Press). The programme seeks to monitor, and contribute to, the emergence of a common European policy in a field that affects the security of Europe immediately and decisively.
«Europe» as we see it, consists of the members of the Union and those with a prospect of joining. This is why this volume contains chapters on three non-members.
The success of the Member States and the European Commission in creating a joint approach to nuclear and dual-use export controls is a major achievement, all the more as it was achieved in the face of national idiosyncrasies, sovereignty prerogatives, vastly differing philosophies of law, and commercial interest. However, essential questions remain, as this book clearly demonstrates.
Contents: Harald Müller: Nuclear Export Controls in Europe: An Introduction - Philippe Richard: France - Darryl Howlett: United Kingdom - Alexander Kelle: Germany - Alessandro Politi: Italy - Vicente Garrido Rebolledo: Spain - Quentin Michel: Belgium - Lars van Dassen: Denmark - Lars van Dassen: Sweden - Thanos Dokos: Greece - Erzsébet N. Rózsa: Hungary - Genowefa Smagala: Poland - Indrek Tarand: Estonia.