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European Integration from Rome to Berlin: 1957-2007

History, Law and Politics


Julio Baquero Cruz and Carlos Closa Montero

In commemoration of the 50 th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, this volume addresses the lessons of EU history, its current challenges and its future perspectives. Leading scholars from the disciplines of history, political science, political economy and law consider important aspects of European integration. Areas examined include the evolution of the law of integration, Europe’s influence on political transitions, economic governance, social governance, the system of Treaty reform and its limits, the future role of the Court of Justice, enlargement and the vexed question of Turkish accession. This book, which takes an interdisciplinary approach, seeks to draw on the lessons of history, while shedding new light on the current and future challenges facing the European Union.
Contents: Julio Baquero Cruz/Carlos Closa: Foreword – N. Piers Ludlow: Value, Flexibility and Openness. The Treaty of Rome’s Success in Historical Perspective – Ricardo Martín de la Guardia: The Limits of Flexibility – Charles Powell: The Long Road to Europe. Spain and the European Community, 1957-86 – Jean-Victor Louis: Community Law Fifty Years On – Antonio Estella de Noriega: Community, Law, Diversity and Democracy – Stefan Collignon: Why Europe Needs a Political Union with Full Democracy – Carlos Mulas-Granados: Improvements in Economic Governance in the Lisbon Treaty – Jan Zielonka: How to Govern the Ever Larger European Union? – Svetlozar A. Andreev: Reflections on the Applicability of the Plurilateral Governance Model and Prospects for Further Theory-Building – Vassilis Hatzopoulos: Current Problems of Social Europe – Isabela Atanasiu: Some Reflections on the Role of the European Court of Justice in Relation to «Social Europe» – Carlos Closa: From Constitution to Treaty: Democratic Paradoxes and Clandestine Constitutional Politics in the EU – Julio Baquero Cruz: Between Unanimity and Utopia: Constitutional Change in the Union – Loïc Azoulai: The Future Constitutional Role of the European Court of Justice – Silvia Acierno: The Role of the European Court of Justice in a Pluralist Context – Meltem Müftüler-Baç: The European Union’s Legitimacy Crisis and the Final Frontiers of Europe.