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International Capital Markets

An Introduction


This book explains in the clearest possible terms and with a minimum of professional jargon, the basic concepts which underly the mechanics of capital markets. It reviews the main features of the broad product categories which are traded in these markets, using practical examples to highlight the logic behind market phenomena, without too much emphasis on technical detail. No previous knowledge of financial techniques is required to understand the subjects discussed in the book, which can be used as a practical guide for students who wish to acquire a solid background in the field of international finance. The subject is also put in perspective through a description of recent trends and a short discussion of some broader issues such as market supervision and European integration.
Contents: The Compounding/Discounting Process - The Concepts of Average Life and Duration - The Relationship Between Return and Risk - Forward Transactions and Options - Banking Products - Short Term Debt Securities - The Bond Markets - Bonds with Option Features - The Equity Markets - Derivatives - Historical Background and Recent Trends - Three Broader Issues.