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Justice and Home Affairs in the European Union

The Development of the Third Pillar- Proceedings of a Conference organized by the College of Europe, Bruges, the Centre de droit comparé et européen, Lausanne, and the Institut für Europäische Politik, Bonn


Roland Bieber and Joerg Monar

Contents: John Adrian Fortescue: First Experiences with the Implementation of the Third Pillar Provisions - Klaus-Peter Nanz: The Schengen Agreement: Preparing the Free Movement of Persons in the European Union - Peter-Christian Müller-Graff: The Dublin Convention. Pioneer and Lesson for Third-Pillar-Conventions - David Cullen: Variable Geometry and Overlapping Circles: In Search of a Suitable Model for Justice and Home Affairs - Kay Hailbronner: Migration Law and Policy within the Third Pillar of the Union Treaty - Alberto Achermann: Asylum and Immigration Policies: From Cooperation to Harmonization - Richard Plender: Asylum Policy: Deficits of Intergovernmental Cooperation - Luise Drüke: Harmonization of Asylum Law and Judicial Control Under the Third Pillar - Monica Den Boer: Police, Customs and Judicial Cooperation in the Treaty on European Union - Philip Myers: European Police Cooperation under Title VI TEU - A Balance Sheet After the Cannes European Council - Marjorie Bonn: Judicial Cooperation under Title VI TEU: A First Assessment in the Light of Practical Experiences - Willi Bruggeman: Europol and the Europol Drugs Unit: Their Problems and Potential for Development - Patrick Ravillard: The Functioning of Customs Cooperation under Title VI of the Treaty on European Union: A First Evaluation - Joerg Monar: Democratic Control of Justice and Home Affairs: The European Parliament and the National Parliaments - Elke Esders: The European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs - The Committee Responsible for Justice and Home Affairs - Philip Myers: The Commission's Approach to the Third Pillar: Political and Organizational Elements - Nanette A.E.M. Neuwahl: Judicial Control in Matters of Justice and Home Affairs: What Role for the Court of Justice? - Michael Niemeier: The K.4 Committee and Its Position in the Decision Making Process - Astrid Epiney: Switzerland and the Third Pillar: Implications and Perspectives - Maciej Popowski: Cooperation Between Poland and the European Union within the Framework of the Third Pillar of the Treaty on European Union - Roland Bieber: The Third Pillar and the 1996 Intergovernmental Conference. What Could and What Should be on the Agenda? - Lode Van Outrive: Commentary on the Third Pillar and the 1996 Intergovernmental Conference: What Should be on the Agenda? - David O'Keeffe: Reforming the Third Pillar: Transparency and Structural Reform in the Long-term Perspective.