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Energy and the Environmental Challenge

Lessons from the European Union and Australia


Edited By Lillian Wylie and Pascaline Winand

Bringing together eminent Australian, European and Russian experts and practitioners, this volume makes an important contribution to the crucial debates on climate change and energy that will have a profound impact on all our futures.
The problems faced by business, scientists, NGOs, policymakers and researchers are multifaceted and complex in nature, so a comprehensive treatment of the subject is best undertaken by a diverse and multi-skilled group. The authors explore different approaches and experiences in securing sustainable energy supplies in Europe and Australia, while heeding the interplay between public policy, science, business and environmental groups.
On the threshold of an era of carbon taxing and energy thrift, the views of the authors on the future evolution of our relationship with energy are as insightful as they are thought-provoking.
Contents: Lillian Wylie/Pascaline Winand: Introductory Chapter: Securing Sustainable Energy Supplies in Europe and Australia. Policy-makers, Business, Scientists and NGOs on Energy and the Environmental Challenge – Marc Pallemaerts: Climate Change, Natural Gas and the Rebirth of EU Energy Policy – Samuele Furfari: European Energy Policy. A Policy-Maker’s Perspective – Graeme I. Pearman: The Risk of Climate Change and its Relation to Energy Futures – Rowena Cantley-Smith/Karen Morrow: Sustainable Regulation. Moving Towards Environmentally Sound Energy Markets – Laura Carballo: Private Enforcement of Environmental Law in the European Union – Wayne Gumley: Using Tax Reform to Promote Sustainable Energy Supplies in Australia – Rachel Ollivier: Kick-Starting the Energy Efficiency Sector. Why Market-Based Schemes Work – Daniel Guéguen: The Interactions of Business and NGOs in Securing Sustainable Energy Supplies in Europe – Werner Pleschberger: Big Success after a Modest Start. The Influence of Organised Interests on the «Renewable Idols» in Austria – Karen Hussey/Albert Schram: Managing the Links between Climate, Energy, Water and Food in Europe. The Need for Better Policy Integration and Coordination – Alfonso Martínez Arranz: A Holistic Approach to Energy Security. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – Vladimir Zuev: Energy. A Key to New EU-Russian Relations – Lillian Wylie: Siberian Gas and Future Directions in the Asian and EU Markets – Richard Pomfret: Turkmenistan and EU Gas Supplies – Joana Chiavari: European Energy and Climate Security. Building Long-Term Relationships with the Black Sea Region – Rowena Cantley-Smith: Moving Towards a Sustainable, Low Carbon-Intensive Energy Future. Key Challenges and Responses.