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Europe '93 – Business and the Family

What strategies to bring them together? – Proceedings of the Conference held in Brussels on 30th and 31th March 1992


Commission CE

With the Belgian Ministry of Employment and Labour, which has undertaken pilot measures in this area, the Commission of the European Communities has organized two days of work on the theme of reconciling family life with work, regarding, in particular, the mobility of employees.
For the first time, all the players involved in this issue have been united at Community level: international organizations, governments, companies, unions, family and professional bodies.
Also for the first time, many public and private companies have been able, at European level, to put forward innovative, transferable initiatives in the twelve Member States.
Reconciling professional development with a balance in one's private life has become the common concern of a growing number of players. Can companies and families remain two separate worlds which know nothing of each other? What measures are companies and government taking to help achieve this balance? What strategies have been implemented by companies to encourage the mobility of their employees and their families? These are just some of the crucial questions discussed during this two-day conference.
Contents: Jean Degimbe: The issue: Preliminary addresses - Agnès Pitrou: The society: Living and working conditions within the European Community - Michel De Gols: The policies: Availability at work; the main lines of harmonization - Agnès Versailles-Tondreau: The businesses: Innovative experiments on the road to harmonization - Anne-Marie Buysse: The strategies: From the agents' point of view - Frédérique Deroure: Mobility: Companies are going inernational; what are the relocation implications for families? - Vasso Papandreou: Summary and proposals for action: Closing speeches.