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American Foundations in Europe

Grant-Giving Policies, Cultural Diplomacy and Trans-Atlantic Relations, 1920-1980


Giuliana Gemelli and Roy MacLeod

Building on the nexus between philanthropy and government that emerged during the late 1920s, American foundations played a significant role in developing American-European cultural relations. They shaped the interaction between government and private agencies; they acted as catalysts of social change; they served as ‘global’ bridges between East and West; and they stimulated political, intellectual and economic elites to co-operate with one another, in both national and international contexts.
This volume assembles the contributions of an international conference held at Amalfi in 2001. The authors explore emerging connections between the history of international relations, the history of scholarship, and the history of philanthropy. Their work focuses on the role of the larger American foundations in Europe during the 20 th century, and explores the ways in which the foundations worked – across countries and cultures, and throughÿ– across countries and cultures, and through bi-lateral, trans-national and international projects and programmes.
Contents: Giuliana Gemelli/Roy MacLeod: Introduction – Susan Gross Solomon: ‘The Power of Dichotomies’: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Division of Medical Education, Medical Literature, and Russia, 1921-1925 – Aleksandra Witczak Haugstad/Erik Ingebrigtsen: National Policies and International Philanthropy: The Rockefeller Foundation and Polish and Hungarian Science between the World Wars – Kenneth W. Rose: American Foundations in Modern Turkey: The Rockefeller and Ford Foundations – Mark Clapson: The Ford Foundation and the Centre for Environmental Studies, 1966-1978 – Pierre-Yves Saunier: Ulysses of Chicago: American Foundations and Public Administration, 1900-1960 – Ludovic Tournès: Mass Communications and the Foundations: Rockefeller, Ford, and the Role of Radio, 1935-1964 – Oliver Schmidt: Networks of Patronage: American Foundations and the Origins of the Salzburg Seminar – Paul Weindling: Modernizing Eugenics: The Role of Foundations in International Population Studies – Giuliana Gemelli/Thomas Row: The Unexpected Effects of Institutional Fluidity: The Ford Foundation and the Shaping of the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center.