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Vallah Gurkensalat 4U & Me!

Current Perspectives in the Study of Youth Language


Norman Jørgensen

This collection of articles presents two central perspectives in the current sociolinguistic study of youth language, both of which are comparatively new to sociolinguistics. One tendency is the study of the effects of new technology on the linguistic behaviors of late modern, particularly urban, youth, including mobile telephones and computers. The other tendency is the study of the effects of increasing diversity in linguistic resources available in late modern societies, again particularly evident among urban youth. Both of these sets of effects are richly documented and analyzed in the contributions of this volume which presents research and data from China, Croatia, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, and a host of other places.
Contents: J. Normann Jørgensen: Vallah, Gurkensalat 4U & me! Current perspectives in the studyof youth language – Ditte Laursen: Did he Make the Bus? Continuous communication among young people via mobile telephone – Helga Kotthoff: Constructions of the Romantic Market in Girls’ Talk – Dafydd Gibbon/Małgorzata Kul: Economy Strategies in Restricted Communication Channels: A study of Polish short text messages – Jin Liu: The Use of Chinese Dialects on the Internet: Youth language and local youth identity in urban China – Christiana Themistocleous: Linguistic Innovations in IRC: Cypriot Greek phonological features – F. Hülya Özcan: Subordination in the Conversations of Monolingual and Bilingual Turkish-Speaking Children – Željka Matulina/Zrinka Ćoralić: Betrachtungen zum Gebrauch von zwei Germanismen in kroatischen Jugendmagazinen 2006 und 2007: frajer und šminkerica – Eva Neuland/Petra Balsliemke/Anka Baradaranossadat: Schülersprache, Schulsprache und Unterrichtssprache – Kerstin Paul/Eva Wittenberg/Heike Wiese: «Da gibs so Billiardraum». The interaction of grammar and information structure in Kiezdeutsch – Ulla Kleinberger/Carmen Spiegel: Höfliche Jugendliche im Netz? – Erika Werlen/Esther Galliker/Fabienne Tissot: Konzeptuelle Zugänge zu intralingualer Variation: Dialekt und Standardsprache in Gesprächen Deutschschweizer Jugendlicher – Elena Botsi: «Crasy ljopa»: Jugendsprachen zwischen Lokal und Global.