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EU Local Imprints

The Case of South Central Europe

Edited By Josef Langer and Goran Vlasic

This book is about the impact of the EU on local issues, particularly in the pre-accession phase. It analyses and discusses contending interests and aspirations in culture, education, communication and tourism in parts of former Yugoslavia. Various contributions create a joint story of EU interactions with accession states, having both positive and negative impacts. The Authors provide perspectives on the bearing of EU accession on culture, primarily in terms of risk perception, on education as key facilitator of knowledge, on the media, which serve as a basis for creating public opinion, and tourism as an industry that has strongly transformed as a result of EU enlargements. All contributions together provide an overview of what is and what might be as a result of EU requirements. In contrast to elites on both sides, who usually paint EU membership in the brightest colours, the closer look reveals more ambiguous processes and attitudes.

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