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Ferdinand Hochstetter and the Contribution of German-Speaking Scientists to New Zealand Natural History in the Nineteenth Century


James Braund

Visiting scientists from German-speaking Europe made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge about New Zealand in the period prior to 1900. Probably the most important individual among them was the geologist Ferdinand Hochstetter (1829–1884), who came to New Zealand in December 1858 with the Austrian Novara expedition (1857–1859) and spent nine months conducting pioneering geological fieldwork in various parts of the country. This volume brings together a series of essays, written by experts from five different countries, which examine various aspects of the German-speaking scientific connection with New Zealand, with a particular emphasis on Hochstetter and the visit of the Novara to New Zealand.
Contents: James Braund: Introduction: Ferdinand Hochstetter in ContextHorst Dippel: Conflicting Anthropological Concepts: Georg Forster and Johann Reinhold Forster on New ZealandPeter Clayworth: The Broken-Hearted Botanist visits the ‘Land of Crimes and Horrors’: Baron Carl von Hügel in New Zealand, March 1834Ivo Holmqvist: Sven Berggren’s 1873-1875 Journey to New ZealandElliot W. Dawson/Hilmar W. Duerbeck: Nazi Gold, Courageous Sailors, and Intrepid Astronomers: German. Connections with the Auckland IslandsJames Bade: Hermann Krone’s Record of the German Scientific Expedition to the Auckland Islands to Observe the Transit of Venus, 1874-1875David Bade: Place Names and Human Contact with the Auckland Islands: The 1874 German Expedition in ContextHermann Mückler: Utopias and Visions: Austria’s Unsuccessful Attempts at Overseas Colonisation in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, and the Role of the Novara ExpeditionDavid G. L. Weiss: The Circumnavigation of the Globe by the Austrian Frigate Novara, 1857-1859: Economic and Colonial Motivations and the Forgotten PhotographerChrista Riedl-Dorn: Austrian Scientists in New Zealand – with an Emphasis on Three Lesser Known Members (Frauenfeld, Jelinek, Selleny) of the Novara Expedition – Robert Pils: Botany and Botanists (Ferdinand Hochstetter, Georg Frauenfeld, Anton Jelinek, Eduard Schwarz) on the Circumnavigation of the Globe by the Austrian Frigate Novara – Helge Selleny: The Painter of the Novara, Joseph Selleny (1824-1875)James Braund: Doing Fieldwork in a Young Colony: Ferdinand Hochstetter in New ZealandMichael Johnston: ‘I have called it Dunite’: Dr Hochstetter in Nelson – 4 August to 2 October 1859Rolf W. Brednich: Augustus Koch (1834-1901) and Hochstetter’s North Island ExpeditionJohn Webster: Mr Hamel The PhotographistMichael Organ: Ferdinand Hochstetter in Australia, 1858-1859