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Heirs of the Reunited Church

The History of the Pauline Mission in Paul’s Letters, in the So-Called Pastoral Letters, and in the Pseudo-Titus Narrative of Acts

Bartosz Adamczewski

The work establishes the relative and absolute chronology of Paul’s life. It demonstrates that Paul went to Jerusalem only two times after his conversion. The second visit, which was planned in Rom and described retrospectively in Gal, ended up with the Antiochene conflict. The following Eucharistic schism within early Christianity has lasted for at least a century after Paul’s death in AD 49. The so-called Pastoral Letters, which are in fact ethopoeic, confirm this state of matters. The history of the Pauline mission, as it was described in the Acts of the Apostles, is a result of sixfold hypertextual reworking of Gal 1:17-2:14; Rom 15:25-32 with the use of other Pauline and post-Pauline texts. Luke irenically described the history of early Christianity as a history of the reunited Church.