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Essentials of Catholic Radicalism

An Introduction to the Lay Theology of Vito Mancuso

Corneliu Simut

The book describes the fundamental tenets of Catholic Radicalism, defined as an understanding of Christianity from a perspective which dismisses the traditional supernatural image of God. The essentials of Catholic Radicalism are extracted from the works of Vito Mancuso, a lay Italian theologian, whose intention is to rebuild Christian theology starting from the natural and physical reality of this world. Mancuso insists that he is a Catholic theologian despite his conviction that God should be seen today in atheistic terms, which help us understand the world from a rational perspective. The use of reason in theology is compulsory for Mancuso in order for theology to make sense in the skeptical society of our times, which is characterized by a powerful lay consciousness.
Contents: Reason – Faith – Physics – Biology – Matter – Energy – Body – Soul – Creation – Nature – Suffering – Evolution – Youth – Aging – Dying – Death – Traditionalism – Radicalism – Transcendence – Immanence – History – Supernaturalism – God – Jesus – Christology – Relationship – Eschatology – Society – Ethics – Judgment – Reinterpretation – Resurrection – Immortality – Catholicism.