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Essays on Logic and its Applications in Philosophy


Jan Wolenski

This is a collection of essays about logic and its applications to various philosophical problems. In general, it is argued that logic constitutes an important device of philosophical analysis. Concerning the nature of logic the author defends the thesis that first-order logic is the logic. Among the philosophical problems to which logic is applied in the essays are: truth, consistency, realism, foundations of semantics, psychologism, undetermination of theories by empirical data, modalities, value concepts, identity, vagueness, God’s existence, transcendentals, legal reasoning, category mistakes, bivalence, the cognitive relation, and meaningfulness.

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  • Humanities (H)
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      • Philosophy: logic (HPL)

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  • Philosophy (PHI)
    • PHILOSOPHY / Logic (PHI011000)

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        • Philosophy: logic (QDTL)