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Positive Peace in Kosovo

A Dream Unfulfilled


Elisabeth Schleicher

Kosovo today, more than eleven years after the war, is still a fragile and unfinished state enjoying only limited sovereignty while continuing to be divided into a Serb north and an Albanian dominated south. All the important dimensions of society in Kosovo remain critical and highly unstable. While the security situation in the country, except the North, has considerably improved, the living conditions of the Kosovar population are still in a dismal state. Corruption and organized crime continue to block the development of a viable state, an efficient bureaucracy, and a democratic political culture. This book systematically analyzes and describes the relevant developments in Kosovar society since the end of the war and investigates how successfully peace has been established in Kosovo.
Contents: Kosovo – The political system – Economic development – Security – Welfare – Rule of law – Positive peace – Negative peace – Direct violence – Structural violence – International engagement.