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Shen, Psychotherapy, and Acupuncture

Theory, Methodology and Structure of Chinese Medicine


Fengli Lan, Friedrich G. Wallner and Claudia Wobovnik

Psychotherapy and Chinese Medicine both leave the European Mindset serves as the guiding idea for this volume. It presents papers by leading experts in Chinese Medicine of different countries. They clarify Shen and its related concepts, elucidate the psychotherapy of Chinese Medicine, discuss Chinese medical treatments for mental diseases, argue the rationality of acupuncture, interpret Chinese Medicine, and discuss how to modernize Chinese Medicine in the right way. The range of research presented in this volume includes interdisciplinary perspectives of the philosophy of science, the genesis of fundamental theories, modern research, the history of medicine, linguistic philosophy, philological studies, and clinical practice in profound approaches. The main goal is to make Chinese Medicine more understandable for the European cultural and scientific discourse.
Contents: Friedrich Wallner/Fengli Lan/Lishan Zhang: Shen - Relation instead of Substance – Fengli Lan: Understanding SHEN in Classical Chinese Texts – Weidong Wang/Yan Ma: Systematic Psychotherapy of TCM: Concepts, Theories and Techniques – Gertrude Kubiena: Effect of Emotions on Soul, Spiritual and Mental Conditions, and Treatment of Related Problems – Ming Chin Ku: Shen in Huang Di Nei Jing & Pattern Identification and Treatment of Psychosomatic Diseases – Tzu Li Lin: Chinese Herbal Treatments for Psychosomatic Diseases – Andrea-Mercedes Riegel: Kidney and Psyche – Christine Korischek: Qigong and Trauma – Lishan Zhang: Shen and Respiratory Disease – Nguyen Thi Tan: Treatment of Mental Diseases with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine – Tran Van Thanh: Current Situation of using and modernizing Herbal Medicine for Treatment of Mental Diseases – Heiner Fruehauf: All Disease Comes from the Heart: The Pivotal Role of the Emotions in Classical Chinese Medicine – Kambiz Badie/Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi: Nature-Inspired Expression & Empathy-Directed Impression in Persian Mystic Poems: A Phenomenological Perspective for Transforming Mental Modes with Therapeutic Purposes – Friedrich Wallner/Fengli Lan: Rationality of Acupuncture: How to Protect Acupuncture Against Misunderstanding – Ding Li: Rationality of Acupuncture: Development of Theories of Vessels and Acupoints – Hanping Chen: The Most Basic Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Regulating the Functions – Fengli Lan: Acupuncture Treatment for Women's Diseases: History and Rational Interpretations – Fengli Lan: Chinese Medicine Is Its History – Fengli Lan: Chinese Medicine as a Philosophy: Metaphorizing – Friedrich Wallner/Fengli Lan/Claudia Wobovnik: Modernization of Chinese Medicine in the Right Way.