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The Dictionary of City Names in American Slang


Maciej Widawski and Malgorzata Kowalczyk

This unique dictionary presents popular slang names for North American cities. These expressions are used instead of official names to convey additional information. They are semantically rich and culturally meaningful, telegraphically describing the characteristics of the cities to which they refer, explaining the motivations of their coiners, and revealing the attitudes of their users. The dictionary lists 500 entries, each containing a headword, usage label, standard equivalent, and numerous contextual examples which authenticate their usage. The material comes from a large database of quotations from media, film, literature, and oral sources. A reliable and practical reference, the dictionary will be useful for linguists, educators, students and anyone interested in the subject.
Contents: Slang – Colloquialism – Informal English – American Slang – North American Slang – City Names – Place Names – Toponyms – Folklore – Sociolinguistics – Onomastics – Lexicography – Dictionaries – American Studies – Canadian Studies – Reference – Linguistics – Language Description – United States – Canada.