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Teacher’s Personality and Professionalism


Jaan Mikk, Marika Veisson and Piret Luik

The papers in this collection analyse the professionalism of teachers in Estonia and neighbouring countries from several perspectives. Data from the OECD TALIS survey have been used to study the transformation of the teaching profession in recent years. As Estonia is bicultural, one paper deals with the transition to Estonian as the language of instruction in Russian-medium schools. Teacher professionalism is related to communication skills and this is also explored. It is generally accepted that teachers’ beliefs guide them in their daily work, and so three papers deal with the professional self and self-efficacy beliefs among teachers. In addition, an adaptation of the Teacher Efficacy Scale to the Estonian context is presented. The professional experience of young teachers is analysed and a comparison of the school practicum in teacher training in the Netherlands, Estonia and Finland is explored. Finally, the stress that teachers experience has been studied along with the preferred strategies for coping.
Contents: Krista Loogma/Eeva Kesküla/Anne Roosipõld: The Transformation of the Teaching Profession in Estonia: Changes in Professionalism – Marika Veisson/Johanna Einarsdóttir/Bryndis Garðarsdóttir/Maria Filomena Gaspar/Eeva Hujala/Silvi Suur: A Cross-Cultural Qualitative Study on Parent-Teacher Partnership in Child Care in Estonia, Finland, Iceland and Portugal – Anu Masso/Katrin Kello: Implementing Educational Changes: Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Transition to Estonian as a Language of Instruction in Russian-Medium Schools – Tõnu Lehtsaar/Heiki Krips/Aleksander Pulver: The Structure of Social Competence of Estonian School Teachers – Äli Leijen/Katrin Kullasepp/Tuulike Agan: The Dynamics of the Professional Self of Final YearLeisure Time Management Students – Erika Löfström/Tiina Anspal/Markku S. Hannula/Katrin Poom-Valickis: Metaphors About ‘The Teacher’: Gendered, Discipline-Specific and Persistent? – Merle Taimalu/Eve Kikas/Maris Hinn/Airi Niilo: Teachers’ Self-Efficacy, Teaching Practices, and Teaching Approaches: Adaptation of Scales and Examining Relations – Edgar Krull/Ingrid Raudsepp: Perspectives for Optimizing the School Practicum for Student Teachers Through a Study of Dutch, Estonian and Finnish Experiences – Eve Eisenschmidt/Tuuli Oder/Merilyn Meristo: With Five Years of Teaching Experience: Professional Aims and Tenure – Kristiina Tropp/Kerli Liblik: Perceived Stress, Work Related Stressors and Coping Activities among Estonian Teachers.