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Wittgenstein's Relevance for Theology


Ignace D'Hert O.P.

The central drive and movement of this study is an exploration of the possibility of a new theological ontology, an ontology of meaning. This attempt takes its starting-point in one of the major philosophers of this century, Ludwig Wittgenstein. The theological exploration rests on an interpretation of Wittgenstein as a whole, in function of his dominant interest in meaning. 'Meaning' is the theme which provides continuity between the 'early' and the 'late' Wittgenstein.
Contents: Introduction - 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus' - 'Philosophical Investigations' - Towards an interpretation of Wittgenstein - Philosophy and Theology - Nature and meaning: natural theology - Language and silence: Thomas and Wittgenstein on faith and charity - In search for the Meaning of meaning - Conclusion - Bibliography.