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The First Farewell Discourse in John’s Gospel (Jn 14)


Johannes Beutler

In this study, the First Farewell Discourse of Jesus (Jn 14) is read in the light of the Old Testament and Early Judaism. At the beginning of the chapter, influence of Psalm 42/43 can be shown. In the central part of the chapter, the subjects of loving God / Jesus and keeping the commandments seem to go back to Deuteronomic covenant theology. In the final part, prophetic announcements of eschatological salvation are echoed. Thus, Jn 14 makes use of the three parts of the Hebrew Bible: the Law, the Prophets and the Writings. This is important for Jewish-Christian dialogue. The English edition of this book is based on the German original of 1984. In a Postscript the contributions on the chapter since the first publication are reviewed, and an additional bibliography has been added.
Contents: The First Farewell Discourse of Jesus read in the light of the Old Testament and Early Jewish texts – A Psalm tradition behind the first part of the chapter – Covenant theology behind the central part – The last section inspired by prophetic announcements of eschatological peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.