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The Persian Divan by Ahmad Khatem Aqovalizade


Sabaheta Gacanin

This book offers an analysis model providing a descriptive selection of linguistic features from a stylistic aspect, as well as an interpretation from a semantic aspect, i.e. the system of decoding a poetic text of the unique discourse, like tasawwuf poetry. It enables researchers in literary criticism of texts in Divan poetry to evaluate stylistic values of its linguistic forms. The book provides the basis for evaluative description of the literary-aesthetic forms of Khatem’s poetry in Persian language and its literary and historical position in the frame of time and space in which that poet lived. The study should be, as well, the basis for determining the literary trend and genre that this poet represented, and emphasizes his rank in the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the world.
Contents: Divan poetry – Tasawwuf discourse – Analysis model – Linguistic aspect of poetry – Stylistic aspect of poetry – Semantic aspect of poetry – Persian language – Ahmad Khatem Aqovalizade – Cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.