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Changing Labour Relations

Between Path Dependency and Global Trends


Mirella Baglioni and Bernd Brandl

The book explores different perspectives of labour relations with respect to the governance of labour. These different perspectives took into account the contribution of labour to improve the specificity of companies and the role of the social dialogue in the national socio-economic balance. The aim of this book is to present recent developments for the governance of labour relations in Europe. The governance of labour relations in the present globalized world is becoming more and more complex as labour relations are faced by transformations on different levels. The book addresses different issues for the governance of labour relations on different levels.
Contents: Mirella Baglioni/Bernd Brandl: Changing Labour Relations between Path Dependency and Global Trends - An Introduction – John Geary/Anthony Murphy: The Reform of Public Sector Pay in Ireland under Social Pacts – Alessia Vatta: The Reform of Collective Bargaining and the Flexible Work Issue in Italy – Patrick Thill/Adrien Thomas: The End of Consensus? The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Industrial Relations in Luxembourg – Rosa Nonell/Iván Medina/Joaquim M. Molins: Social Pacts and the Institutionalization of Social Partners. The Case of Spanish Employers’ Associations – Barbara Bechter: Changing Collective Bargaining: Pay Flexibility and the Search for a Fair Model – Catherine Casey: Gender Mainstreaming in European Industrial Relations - Policy Aspirations, Gender Gaps and Organization Behaviour – Holm-Detlev Köhler/Sergio González Begega: The European Works Council as a Multidimensional Contested Terrain – Mirella Baglioni: The EWC Members and the Union Structure: Are they Living apart Together? – Isabel da Costa/Valeria Pulignano/Udo Rehfeldt/Volker Telljohann: Transnational Negotiations on Employment: Successes and Failures of EWC-Union Coordinated Strategies.