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Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Brewing Industry

A Capital Market Perspective


Ramit Mehta

This publication analyzes three individual corporate finance-related research topics on mergers and acquisitions in the global brewing industry. The first two studies investigate the short and long-term share price reactions of acquirer and rival companies. The third study assesses the immediate impact of mergers and acquisitions on systematic risk. Overall, the study contains a variety of empirical findings that are novel to existing corporate finance research. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the capital market implications of mergers and acquisitions in the sector and determinant drivers.
Contents: Research Foundations: Market Overview and Industry Analysis – Study 1: Short-term Success of Mergers and Acquisitions – Study 2: Long-term Success of Mergers and Acquisitions – Study 3: Consolidation and Changes in the Risk Profile of the Brewing Industry – Abnormal Returns – Risk Analysis Applying GARCH Model – Risk Shifts.