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Brandeis meets Gutenberg

German-American Conversations on Law, 1991-2011


Dieter Dörr, Udo Fink, Russel Weaver and Tobias Keber

In 1991, a faculty exchange relationship was established between Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz (Germany) and Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville (USA). Since that time, numerous lectures, speeches and panel-talks discussing a broad range of topics were held. Today, the Mainz-Louisville exchange is a vital program that strengthens the international profile of both faculties. This collection honors the twentieth anniversary of the exchange program and presents the scientific output created in both historical and current contexts.
Contents: Russell L. Weaver/Eckart Klein/Dieter Dörr/Udo Fink: Foreword: Honoring and Remembering the Johannes Gutenberg Faculty of Law - University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law Exchange Relationship – Robert L. Stenger: Learning on International Faculty Exchange – Don Burnett: A Global Theatre of American Justice? O. J. Simpson and Gutenberg’s Second Wave – Russell L. Weaver: Gutenberg and Mass Communication – Dieter Dörr: The Tension between Ensuring and Protecting Personal Reputation and Cherishing Free Speech: Comparative Perspectives - An Overview of the Constitutional Court’s position under consideration of Art. 10 ECHR – Mark D. Cole: The Atlantic or Pacific(a) Divide: On Regulating Broadcast Indecency in the U.S. from a Comparative European Perspective – Udo Fink: Public international law rules concerning the extension of national jurisdiction on the internet – Tobias O. Keber: Online Surveillance within the framework of German Data Protection Law - License to infiltrate? – Walter Rudolf: Federal States and International Law – Jessica Sänger: German Copyright Contract Law since 2002 and the Effects on Publishing – Ines Gillich: The Inter-American System of Human Rights and the United States – Judith D. Fischer: Gender-Neutral Language in U.S. Courts – Lisa H. Nicholson: US and EU: The Comparative Responses to the Global Economic Crisis – Susan Hanley Duncan: Preparing Students to Practice Law in 2010 and Beyond: The Call for Skills Training in the United States and Germany.