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Development Problems in the Niger Delta Region

A Study in Christian Development Ethics


Clement Akinseloyin

The acute poverty, underdevelopment and environmental damages that exist in the Niger Delta region despite abundance of natural resources present a paradox to anyone who cares. It is a fact, that corruption, misappropriation of fund and lack of accountability on the part of most major stakeholders are partly responsible for such paradox. There is no shortage of development theories to tackle the development problems in the region. Lacking is the political will to operate just and effective socio-economic and political structures in the country that could increase chances of development for the poor and disadvantaged in the region. Based on Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach and the Catholic Social Teaching, this book presents a development ethics that can serve as ethical orientation to assist those who seek new ways to advance social and environmental development of the Niger Delta.
Contents: Poverty – Development Ethics – Environmental Degradations – Modernization and Dependency Theories – Globalization – Washington-and Post-Washington Consensus – HIV&AIDS – Conflicts – Resource Curse – Corruption – Catholic Social Teachings – Capability Approach – Sustainable Human Development – Human Rights – Commissions – Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper – Anti Corruption Agencies – Extractive Industry.