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Slavic Languages in Formal Grammar

Proceedings of FDSL 8.5, Brno 2010


Markéta Ziková and Mojmír Docekal

This volume comprises papers from the third half time conference Formal Description of Slavic Languages 8.5 which took place in November 2010 in Brno (Czech Republic). The papers focus on topics ranging from Slavic phonology, syntax and semantics to computational linguistics. The volume contains also a separate section which includes additional papers from the Workshop on Slavic Prefixes and Prepositions.
Contents: Mojmír Dočekal: Negation and Durative Adverbials – Dominika Dziubała-Szrejbrowska: Pięć kobiet czy pięciu mężczyzn? - Towards the Solution of a Numeral Puzzle in Slavic Languages – Hana Gruet-Skrabalova: What Kind of Element Is že in Czech? – Petr Jäger/Vladimír Petkevič/Alexandr Rosen/Hana Skoumalová: Towards a Treebank for All Tastes – Tomáš Jelínek: Automatic Rule-Based Correction of Stochastic Syntactic Annotation of Czech – Slavica Kochovska: Clitic Co-occurrence Restrictions in Macedonian Wh-Questions – Pavel Kosek: Word Order of Conditional Auxiliary Clitics in the Czech Language of the Baroque Period – Vesselina Laskova: How kogato Differs from kato: Analysis of Bulgarian Adverbial Clauses – Evgenia Markovskaya: Derivational Account of Gender in Deverbal Nominals in Russian – Roksolana Mykhaylyk: Scrambling to Middlefield – Vladimír Petkevič: Syntactic Functions of Infinitive in Contemporary Czech – Tobias Scheer: Yers and Epenthetic Vowels in Polish –Barbora Štindlová/Svatava Škodová/Alexandr Rosen/Jirka Hana: Annotating Foreign Learners’ Czech – Beata Trawiński: AND-Type versus WITH-Type Conjunctions: Towards a Corpus-Based Study – Ewa Willim: Concord in Polish Coordinate NPs as Agree – Erin Zaroukian: Homophony and Russian Copular Constructions – Petr Biskup: Slavic Prefixes and Adjectival Participles – Lucie Medová: Anticausatives Are Derived Unergatives – Bartosz Wiland: Prefix Stacking, Syncretism, and the Syntactic Hierarchy – Markéta Ziková: Lexical Prefixes and Templatic Domains: Prefix Lengthening in Czech – Rok Žaucer: The Syntax of Perdurative-prefixed Verbs and the VP-internal/VP-external Prefix Distinction.