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Historical Atlas of Poland in the 2nd Half of the 16th Century

Voivodeships of Cracow, Sandomierz, Lublin, Sieradz, Łęczyca, Rawa, Płock and Mazovia- Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4


Marek Slon

The Historical Atlas of Poland. Detailed Maps of the 16 th Century consisted of five volumes, presenting eight voivodeships of that period. The main map encompassing the area of over 100.000 km² shows the entire settlement network: cities, villages, mills, inns and others. Each settlement has a specified 16 th century name, type of ownership, size and fulfilled central functions. The entire road network and administrative borders, from voivodeships to districts and from dioceses to parishes, are marked. They are accompanied by theme maps, city plans, a vast commentary describing the source base, method of research, presentation of the results, and the indexes of settlements and physiographic names.
Contents: Historical Atlas of Poland – Written and Cartographic Sources – Geographical Environment – Church and State Administration Borders – Location, Size, Character and Ownership of Settlements – Nomenclature – Roads – Coats of Arms – Maps of the 16th Century.