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The Intelligent Video Technology – Essays on Shopper Behavior at the Point of Sale

Essays on Shopper Behavior at the Point of Sale


Shyda Valizade-Funder

This book centers on the question on how to gain detailed insights into shopper behavior at the POS and how to optimize the shopping experience in retail environments by using an advanced Intelligent Video Technology (IVT). IVT is a combination of 24/7 digital video monitoring that measures customers’ real-time interactions at store-, category- and product-levels. The empirical study tracks over 60,000 shoppers during a six-month period. Shopper’s gender, dwell time and engagement within pre-defined locations in the store, as well as actual single product takeaways from the display or shelf are measured precisely. In sum, the author offers a variety of new insights into the shopping behavior of customers shortly before and at the time of purchase or non-purchase.
Contents: Intelligent Video Analysis: Applying Learnings from Online to Offline – Understanding Shopper Behavior at POS to Explain Purchase Terminations – The Impact of Retailer Promotions on Store Traffic.