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Cultural Diversity and its Challenges to Evangelization in Cameroon

A Multidisciplinary Approach with Pastoral Focus of a Church in a Multicultural African Society


Augustine Nkwain

Living in a multicultural society offers many advantages but also poses many challenges not only in the political but also in the religious, social domains. With Cameroon as a point of departure, the author examines the advantages and challenges that accrue from living in a multicultural African society, both for the society and for the Catholic Church, and offers refreshing reflections, suggestions and methods for facilitating interaction and functioning in a multicultural society. Drawing inspiration from theological and human sciences the author delves into ways of working and evangelizing in a Multicultural African Context. Ruth Cohn’s Theme-Centred Interaction is a leitmotiv in the search for a method that can facilitate interaction in a multicultural society. Its introduction and application to the Cameroonian context is a genuine contribution to the blending of Western and traditional values that determine political, social, cultural and religious interaction in most African societies.