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Ethical and Social Aspects of Policy

Chapters on Selected Issues of Transformation


Milan Katuninec and Marcel Martinkovič

One of the main goals of this collective work is to emphasize the multiparadigmatic character of contemporary political science, an inseparable component of which are subjects such as political philosophy, political history, ethics or law. The presented individual chapters thus have an interdisciplinary character. The chapters focus on clarifying the narrow coherence, meaning and influence of the developed culture, the preferred values of society and selected political-philosophical ideas on subsequent political practices and the quality of the political process. The authors describe and analyze the essence of the political problems having a values dimension in contemporary Slovak and European society.
Contents: Milan Katuninec: A few Thoughts on the Relation between Ethics as a Doctrine of Morality and Politics as a Human Activity – Marcel Martinkovič: Moral Aspects of Politics and their Relation to the Legitimacy of Liberal Democracies – Peter Rusnák: Political and Ethical Problem of Interpersonality and Human Rights – Milan Katuninec: Ethical Foundations for the Creation of Sustainable Growth within Social and Environmental Barriers - the Eco-Social Market-Economy - as a Valuable Force for Integration – Marián Kropaj: Social Doctrine Catholic of the Church and its Influence on Slovak Society and Law – Radoslava Brhlíková: Ethical Aspects of the Slovak Army’s Participation in Foreign Missions.