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Prolegomena to the Study of Modern Philosophy



This book is divided into nine chapters trying to draw attention to the various aspects of the understanding of God, to the question of the individual, the ideal state arrangement, and the question of freedom (free will) as well as of history. Special attention is paid to the issue of cognition, the question of reason and sense, as well as language and the issue of a system in philosophy. The chapters are arranged to show the historical characteristics of the issues with an introduction of the key approach and ideas with references.

BIC Classifications

  • Humanities (H)
    • History (HB)
    • Philosophy (HP)
      • History of Western philosophy (HPC)
        • Western philosophy: Medieval & Renaissance, c 500 to c 1600 (HPCB)
        • Western philosophy, from c 1900 - (HPCF)
          • Phenomenology & Existentialism (HPCF3)
  • Society & social sciences (J)
    • Psychology (JM)

BISAC Classifications

  • History (HIS)
    • HISTORY / General (HIS000000)
  • Philosophy (PHI)
    • PHILOSOPHY / General (PHI000000)
    • PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / General (PHI009000)
    • PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Medieval (PHI012000)
  • Psychology (PSY)
    • PSYCHOLOGY / General (PSY000000)

THEMA Classifications

  • Society & Social Sciences (J)
    • Psychology (JM)
  • History & Archaeology (N)
    • History (NH)
  • Philosophy & Religion (Q)
    • Philosophy (QD)
      • History of philosophy, philosophical traditions (QDH)
        • Medieval philosophy (QDHF)
        • Western philosophy: Enlightenment (QDHM)
        • Modern philosophy: since c 1800 (QDHR)
          • Phenomenology & Existentialism (QDHR5)