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From Paganism to Christianity

Formation of Medieval Bulgarian Art (681-972)

Oksana Minaeva

«From Paganism to Christianity» provides a rich outlook for anyone interested in the artwork of the Old Bulgarians. Not only does this book give chronological explanations of the journeys of various artifacts to the Balkans, it also makes an historical overview of the rulers, gods, intellectuals and artisans who have built the foundation for modern day Bulgaria. The arts played an integral role in Bulgarian society through the years representing rank, wealth and artistic excellence. To gleen a more intimate knowledge of the Bulgarian present it is important to look at the Bulgarian past and at the devout artisanship that created some of the most beautiful churches and artifacts in the world today.
Contents: The book presents a chronological overview of the Early Medieval Bulgarian art. The first part attempts to relate the written sources about the Proto-Bulgarians to the pagan visual images. The second part deals with the establishment of a new Christian decorative system in the court art of Preslav.