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Faithful Uncertainty

Leslie D. Weatherhead's Methodology of Creative Evangelism


Lynne Price

The public ministry of evangelist, pastor and psychologist, the Revd. Dr. Leslie D. Weatherhead, demonstrates that articulating uncertainty about traditional Christian formulations is an effective way of contextualising the Gospel in contemporary life. Through examining his practical experience and reflection on biblical exegesis, life after death, healing and the Kingdom of God using a dialogical approach, we find that 'orthodox' belief is challenged. Love, integrity and honesty are the bases of a model of evangelism for today.
Contents: The public ministry of popular evangelist, pastor and psychologist, Leslie D. Weatherhead offers a dialogical model for contemporary evangelism. Faithful, yet articulating uncertainties about orthodox belief formulations, his exploration of biblical understanding, life after death, healing, and the Kingdom of God, highlight the continuing search for a contextually relevant and vibrant Christianity.