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Psalm 8 and its Christological Re-Interpretations in the New Testament Context

An Inter-Contextual Study in Biblical Hermeneutics


Wenceslaus Mkeni Urassa

The Christian interpretation of the Scriptures has from the very beginning inherited approaches and methods of interpretation from Judaism and Greco-Roman literary world. The thesis begins with an hypothesis of re-interpretation which was first proposed by G. von Rad, examined and applied by professor P. Grech to study the eschatologization process of the prophetic texts in the OT writings. This study seeks to apply the same hermeneutical principles taking Ps. 8 as a study case. The citations of the Psalm in the NT provide new messianical contexts of the Psalm in its eschatological process of re-interpretation.
Contents: The exegesis, the theology and the interpretation of the Psalm in the OT contexts - LXX, Targums, Peshitta, apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha etc. - The way now the NT writers re-interpreted Ps. 8 context in of the paschal event.