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Rereading Texts / Rethinking Critical Presuppositions

Essays in Honour of H. M. Daleski

Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, Leona Toker and Shuli Barzilai

The essays in this collection combine fresh interpretations of well known literary texts by leading critics (such as Frank Kermode, Sandra Gilbert, J. Hillis Miller, Barbara Hardy, Tony Tanner, and many others), those critics' retrospective thinking about their individual professional development, and an implicit communal reflection on changes on the critical and cultural scene of our times. It shows a transition from closed systems to more open configurations and from a view of texts as autonomous to complex interactions between text and context. Within the latter framework, ethical, social, ideological, political (feminist, post-colonial), psychoanalytic, and biographical dimensions of various texts are explored.
Contents: From closed systems to open configurations - Interactions between text and context: ethical, social, ideological, political, psychoanalytic, and biographical dimensions of the text.