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Horizons of Humanity

Essays in Honour of Ivan Supek

Zdravko Radman

This collection of essays represents an interdisciplinary approach to some contemporary issues in the philosophy of science and the theory of knowledge. It is also an attempt to place art in the context of human cognition in general and also to relate it to science and philosophy. Its conception is such that it accords with the view that our creativity is not separable from a humanistic orientation. Within such a humanistic framework, aiming at a stable form of peace becomes the moral responsibility of both the scientist and the philosopher.
Contents: John C. Polanyi: Education and Civilisation - Mirko D. Grmek: A Plea for Freeing the History of Scientific Discoveries from Myth - Ernan McMullin: Determination and Underdetermination in the Natural Sciences - William Newton Smith: The Underdetermination of Theory by Data - Rom Harré: There is no Place like Home - Rudolf Haller: Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle - Kuno Lorenz: Was können Philosophie und Dichtung miteinander gemeinsam haben? - Horst von Gizycki: Kann die Kunst dazu beitragen, unser Leben zu verändern? - Georg Henrik von Wright: On the Location of Mental States - Zdravko Radman: Emotion and Cognition - Srdan Lelas: Artefact and Cognition - Jürgen Mittelstraß: Computer und die Zukunft des Denkens - Rudolph J. Siebert: Toward a New Humanism: The Five Fundamental Human Potentials and the Possibility of their Actualization - Vladimir Knapp: Nuclear Proliferation: Facing the Long-Term Problem - Joseph Rotblat: Remember Your Humanity.