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Gypsies (Roma) in Bulgaria


Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov

The present book is the first monographic research on history, ethnography, social structure and culture of the Gypsies in Bulgaria. The authors offer an interpretation of the position of Gypsies in the general ethnic picture in Bulgaria. The principle theses, proposed in this research are based on data, collected during many years of field research, in thorough ethnological systematization and well founded historical parallels. The specific social organization, way of life and culture of the Gypsies are explored within the general context of Balkan history. The exact parameters, defining the adaptation of the Gypsy population are described in details, with an emphasis on the peculiar and the authentic.
Contents: History of the Gypsies in Bulgarian lands - Ethnic and ethnocultural characteristic of Gypsies in Bulgaria - Ethnic names and ethnic self-consciousness - Classification - Geographical distribution - Way of life and traditional occupations - Religion - Calendar festivals and holidays - Family customs and rites - Potestary institutions and forms of self-government - Coexistence and correlations of Gypsies and Bulgarians.