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Sith, Slayers, Stargates, + Cyborgs

Modern Mythology in the New Millennium


David Whitt and John Perlich

The beginning of the twenty-first century has already seen its fair share of modern myths with heroes such as Spider-Man, Superman, and Harry Potter. The authors in this volume deconstruct, discuss, engage, and interrogate the mythologies of the new millennium in science fiction fantasy texts. Using literary and rhetorical criticism – paired with philosophy, cultural studies, media arts, psychology, and communication studies – they illustrate the function, value, and role of new mythologies, and show that the universal appeal of these texts is their mythic power, drawing upon archetypes of the past which resonate with individuals and throughout culture. In this way they demonstrate how mythology is timeless and eternal.
Contents: John Perlich/David Whitt: Prologue: Not so Long Ago – John Perlich: «I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This…»: Lucas Gets Lost on the Path of Mythos – David Whitt: Booyahs, Sonic Cannons, and a 50,000-Watt Power Cell: Teen Titans’ Cyborg and the Frankenstein Myth – Robert L. Strain Jr.: Galactica’s Gaze: Naturalistic Science Fiction and the 21st Century Frontier Myth – Scott Simpson/Jessica Sheffield: Neocolonialism, Technology, and Myth in the Stargate Universe – Michael Marek: Firefly: So Pretty It Could Not Die – Andrew Wood: «Small World»: Alex Proyas’ Dark City and Omnitopia – Tanya R. Cochran/Jason A. Edwards: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Quest Story: Revising the Hero, Reshaping the Myth – Stephanie Kelley-Romano: Makin’ Whoopi: Race, Gender, and the Starship Enterprise – Beth E. Bonnstetter: Of Structures, Stories, and Spaceballs: Parody as Criticism of Genre Film and Myth – John Perlich/David Whitt: Epilogue: The Circle is Now [In]complete.