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Autobiography of a Democratic Nation at Risk

The Currere of Culture and Citizenship in the Post-9/11 American Wilderness


JoVictoria Nicholson-Goodman

Expanding William F. Pinar’s notion of autobiography from an individual to a national scale, this book takes the reader on an inner journey to explore the fragmented condition of the post-9/11 American national psyche. It excavates the many layers of the emerging social context within which multiple, conflicting national narratives of identity compete, and uses notions of democracy, nation, and citizen as signposts of contested terrain inside a troubled nation. While reminding us that the old, enduring questions remain unresolved, the book identifies and grapples with new questions that are central to emergent visions of ‘educating for democracy’ in contemporary America, situated now within a frenetic post-9/11 world.