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Revitalizing Practice

Collaborative Models for Theological Faculties

Malcolm Warford

Revitalizing Practice is designed to help theological faculties engage a common set of challenges, particularly in the areas of diversity, formation, and institutional identity. These are not technical problems but are instead the very stuff out of which teaching and learning are practiced. Yet addressing such issues requires intentional strategies and collaborative work. Revitalizing Practice offers four such intentional strategies: «A New Ecology Model», «An Improvisational Model», «An Appreciative Inquiry Model», and «A World Café Model». Each of these models provides a thorough and practical framework (based on sound theoretical concepts) designed to help faculties revitalize their practices of theological teaching and learning.
Contents: Malcolm L. Warford: Preface – Joseph A. Bessler: Seminaries as Endangered Habitats in a Fragile Ecosystem: A New Ecology Model – Peter T. Cha: Student Learning and Formation: An Improvisational Model – Mary E. Hess: Listening and Learning to Teach in Theological Contexts: An Appreciative Inquiry Model – Timothy C. Tennent: The Ministries for Which We Teach: A World Café Model.