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Naturalism, Reference and Ontology

Essays in Honor of Roger F. Gibson

Chase B. Wrenn

Naturalism, Reference, and Ontology is a collection of twelve original essays honoring Roger F. Gibson, who has been a leading proponent and defender of W. V. Quine’s philosophy for nearly thirty years. The essays address a wide range of topics, including normativity and naturalized epistemology, holism, consciousness, the philosophy of logic, perception, value theory, and the arts. The contributors are an international group of prominent philosophers as well as rising scholars including: Robert Barrett, Lars Bergström, Richard Creath, David Henderson, Terence Horgan, Ernest Lepore, Pete Mandik, Alex Orenstein, Kenneth Shockley, J. Robert Thompson, Josefa Toribio, Joseph Ullian, Josh Weisberg, and Chase B. Wrenn.
Contents: Chase B. Wrenn: Introduction – Richard Creath: The Apparent A Priori and Four Things to do About It – Lars Bergström: A Defense of Quinean Naturalism – David Henderson/Terence Horgan: Would You Really Rather be Lucky than Good? – Chase B. Wrenn: Naturalism and Belief-centered Epistemology – Josefa Toribio: Intuitional Content, Nonconceptual Content and Perceptual Justification – J. Robert Thompson: Defending Quine’s Naturalistic Ontology – Kenneth Shockley: Charity, Humanity, Empathy: What Room for Value? – Robert B. Barrett, Jr.: Logic Beyond the Legacy – Alex Orenstein: Quine versus Quine – Ernest Lepore/Francis Jeffry Pelletier: Linguistics and Philosophy – Joseph S. Ullian: Baseball and the Arts – Pete Mandik/Josh Weisberg: Type-Q Materialism.